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Bowling Benefits and Clinic Info

Young Bowler

Bowling is a great sport that offers many benefits, from hand-eye coordination to math. Bowling is accessible to all shapes and sizes, and offers a wonderful environment to practice sportsmanship. Sign up today via the form below to get your child involved in our Youth Clinic or one of our Youth Leagues!

Lifetime sport

Promotes teamwork

Builds self-esteem

Open to Ages 5-18

Scholarship Money

$8 Weekly League Fee

Divisions for Age Groups

18 Week League Program

Everyone participates

USBC Coaches

Junior Bowling Leagues 

Up to 18 years!

Kids Instructional Bowling League 

Begins at 10AM Saturday mornings. Registered volunteers will be instructing the bowling league and teaching children how to bowl! Beginners (5 to 10 years old) 2 Games Per Week - $15 / week |   Juniors (11 to 18 years old) 3 Games Per Week - $20 / week. Shoe rentals are included for every child. Register below! 

Junior Doubles

Our Wednesday Night Doubles Kids League is available for children up to 18 years old! Every Wednesday night starting at 5PM. This league gives the opportunity for your child to win scholarship money. Register below!

Friday Adult / Child League 

Our Adult / Child league is every Friday night starting at 7PM. 2 Bowlers per team, a great way to spend quality time with your family! This league will also give your child the opportunity to win scholarship money! Register Below!! 

Junior NO TAP Trios 

Every Sunday morning at 10AM we have our Juniors NO TAP Trios league. This league will also give your child an opportunity to win scholarship money! Register Below! 
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Benefits of Bowling

There is more to bowling than just having fun! Bowling can be very educational for children. There are social, psychological, and health benefits to bowling at a young age. Check out the link below for more information on how bowling can be beneficial to your child!


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